It is time to celebrate our heritage and who we are. We in so many ways set the example for the rest of the planet, it is up to us to put our best foot forward.

Please join us and participate in a fun filled and educational event celebrating Earth Day 2017 in Marin

The event will feature local keynote speakers on topics like: Climate Reality in Marin, Ocean Health, Eating to Reduce our Foot Print, Dangers of Fracking and working to  Reduce our Oil Consumption, Transitioning to Electric Cars, Returning to Car Pooling, Organic Gardening, How the Summer of Love Connects with Earth Day and GMO's. 


Besides the education and culture enjoy and dance to great bands, four of our local Artists have written songs for Earth Day and will perform them live.

Great Dance Bands: "Soul Ska", "7th Sons", "Majestic Reggae",

Ione Angeles with I Triniti & P.O.I. Band

Also performing will be Swami Beyondananda

To attend please visit the Donation Link.

      We plan for the event not only to be attended, but also live streamed on the local TV channels and the The Web. Community involvement is necessary, for participation and inclusion, contact



The way American's feel about climate change has gone beyond whether you feel it is real or not.

For example most American's believe climate change will affect other American's, but will not affect them.

A view of how we feel about climate change by maps